CCBIO906 course on Cancer Genomics February 19-21 2020

February 19-21, we are running the CCBIO906 course on Cancer Genomics. This is a 3 ECTS course that provides broad understanding of aspects of cancer genome biology and its investigation by next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies. Methods for analyzing DNA variation and structure and RNA expression patterns will be covered, as well as nuclear and chromatin structure. Also, ethical and legal aspects, and hereditary predisposition, will be taught.

CCBIO906 will give you knowledge regarding:

  • What kinds of mutations may predispose for, contribute to, or appear during cancer development
  • How these variants can be detected by NGS methods and be analyzed bioinformatically
  • How to employ these methods to stratify patients both diagnostically and therapeutically
  • The different implications of the same aberrations depending on tissue type
  • Ethical and legal regulations regarding genetic analyses of patient samples

The course is mainly intended for PhD candidates, but open to all, both students at other levels and researchers. There is no course fee.

When: 19-21 February 2020
Where: Room B307, Haukeland University Hospital, main building 3rd floor (Sentralblokken), Bergen
Program: program can be found here.
Registration: is open, please use this link:
Responsible: Ola Myklebost has the academic responsibility. Rebecca Nguyen is administrative coordinator.
More information: at this link.

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