Gjesteforelesning: Anna Blom – Protein Chemistry

Anna Blom, professor ved Translationell Medicin, Lunds universitet.

As part of our Bergen School in Inflammation series there will be an upcoming lecture, on the 9th of November in the Auditorium 4 of the BBBuilding, 12:00.

This time we are proud to present prof. Anna Blom of Lund University, a world-renown specialist in complement system. She is the head of The Medical Protein Chemistry group located at the Wallenberg Laboratory within Skåne University Hospital in Malmö.

Her group is focused on the complement system in health and disease. The complement, is a crucial part of the innate immune system, and is involved in many basic biological processes such as defence against infections but when activated in a wrong place or not sufficiently controlled it may contribute to various inflammatory diseases.

Their ambition is to make high quality basic science based on clinically relevant questions and yielding novel diagnostic approaches and clinical interventions.

Professor Bloom is also happy to have one-on-one meetings while she is here. To schedule one, please contact Martha Kaminska at The Departement of Clinical Science.