New course: NEUROSYSM940 – Philosophy of precision/systems medicine

Foto/ill.: DALL-E, Benedicte Engen

Philosophy of precision/systems medicine

We invite you to join us for a course on the philosophy of precision/systems medicine. This course is specifically designed for biomedical researchers, physicians, and academics who are interested in exploring the ethical, social, and historical roots and implications of emerging technoscientific medical practices, such as precision/systems medicine.

The promises and prospects of precision/systems medicine raises important ethical and societal issues for philosophical discussions. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to bring your own questions, challenges and dilemmas from your research and practice, and discuss them in broader philosophical and historical contexts. The course will introduce you to the concept of responsible research and innovation (RRI) and its relevance to precision/systems medicine and the ongoing convergence of postgenomic biotechnology and data science.

During the course, we will explore how precision/systems medicine is affecting the understanding of disease and suffering, and thus, research and clinical practices. Additionally, we will explore ethical dilemmas of precision/systems medicine for researchers, clinicians, patients, and society at large.

This is a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of precision/systems medicine and its impact on human disease and suffering, and to engage in meaningful discussions with your peers. We hope you will join us for a thought-provoking interdisciplinary course. Our aim is to stimulate discussions and reflections that can open up new ways of relating to contemporary research and clinical practices.

Upon completion the course provides 2 ECTS to be used in the training component for PhD candidates .

More information on registration and the tentative program can be found on our web page: