CCBIO Seminar Thursday 30.03.2023 with Martin Götte

Dear all,

We are happy to invite you to a CCBIO Seminar next week, Thursday 30.03.2023, in Aud. 4 BBB, from 14.30-15.30.
Martin Götte will give a talk on “The multifunctional nature of Syndecan-1 in breast cancer.”

Join us also for our informal pizza get-together following the talk!

Speaker: Martin Götte, Münster University Hospital, Germany
Time: Thursday, 30.03.2023 – 14.30–15.30
Where: Aud. 4, BBB
Title: The multifunctional nature of Syndecan-1 in breast cancer
Chair: Donald Gullberg
Abstract: Is available here

Onsite event in the auditorium. The CCBIO seminars are open to all.

Hope to see as many as possible there!

Best wishes,

Camilla Tvedt Ekanger
Seminar coordinator/PhD student
Centre for Cancer Biomarkers CCBIO