Innovative Health Initiative – upcoming calls and info days

IHI provides financing for health research projects that bring together industries, universities, small- and medium enterprises, patients regulators and others.

It is a partnership, co-funded by the European Union and industrial partners. The partnership has funded over 180 projects over the last 14 years and researchers from the Faculty of Medicine have participated in four of these. (see funded projects)

IHI usually calls for large projects (4-20 MIO EUR, 3-5 years) with an intersectoral consortium containing industry partners, for specific topics to be addressed. Call topics are published well in advance so that researchers can start to build their consortia.

In June, IHI will hold info-days where you can learn about upcoming calls, rules and procedures and find partners for your consortium.

Sign up for the IHI call days: IHI Call Days – calls 4 & 5 | IHI Innovative Health Initiative (

The following calls will open in summer 2023:More upcoming calls for medicine, health and life sciences are listed on the webpages at the Faculty of Medicine: Application Support for External Funding | Faculty of Medicine | UiB

Two-stage calls:

One-stage calls: