3R-seminar “Microbes in humans and laboratory animals” 12. desember

Registration is now open for the 3R-seminar “Microbes in humans and laboratory animals, arranged by the Animal Welfare Body of Oulu Laboratory Animal Centre, together with the Health and Biosciences Doctoral Programme, University of Oulu Graduate School.

The seminar takes place on Tuesday, 12 December 2023, at 8:30 – 15:00 (Finnish time, EET). The seminar will also be shared through a video link.

The seminar is directed primarily to researchers using laboratory animals in experiments, the scientific fields therefore including basic biomedical research and preclinical medical research. Microbe-host interactions in both human disease and laboratory animal research will be discussed, as well as the effects of microbiome on the translatability of preclinical research results. The seminar topic is therefore of interest also to medical researchers who do not use laboratory animals themselves.

The event can be considered part of the statutory maintenance of the professional competence for people working with laboratory animals.

Registration for attending on-site


The registration link is open until Wednesday, 6 December. It is possible to attend without pre-registration, but please register if you think you will attend even a part of the seminar, because we need to know the approximate number of participants to prepare for the coffee service.

Registration for remote participation


It is possible to get a certificate of attendance also for remote participation, provided that the participant’s video link is open throughout the seminar.

Credits for doctoral researchers at the University of Oulu

If you are a doctoral researcher and want to receive credits from the 3R seminar, follow these instructions. The seminar is worth 0,25 credits.

  1. Login to Peppi, move to the PSP and open tab ”Selecting studies”.
  2. Add personal study unit e.g. to optional field-specific studies by clicking “+” sign on the right. Instructions for adding personal study unit can be found in student’s Peppi wiki page.
  3. Fill in the name of the seminar both in Finnish and English (3R seminar: Microbes in humans and laboratory animals), number of credits (0,25 credit), and description details which must include the name of the seminar, place and date. Do not use course codes. Add information in English in both language boxes. Please note, that the study unit’s information that you have entered will be directly included in your official transcript of records.
  4. Save the information.
  5. Ask your principal supervisor to confirm the information and credits given to the Graduate School (uniogs(at)oulu.fi).
  6. The study unit will be registered after the principal supervisor’s confirmation.

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